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Which must integrate I experience this aspect almost every day now and it is becoming my main training activity in the company, so much so that I have also creat an online service in order to optimize all the times on my site, but the real satisfaction is seeing the results achiev, also in terms of efficiency in the management of economic and human resources. The second problem unfortunately concerns the agencies themselves and I am working hard with them to help them provide a truly integrat approach. In fact, their projects.

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By internal skills, in this way approaches are form seo expate bd that I define as social creative centric, up to SEO centric approaches. Whatever the type of company, the result is always very similar depending on the approach (more bas on social mia and creativity, or more link to SEO and search engines) and instead each company is a story in itself, with a ” strategic suit” to be tailor-made, depending on the sector in which it operates and the real resources it can make available. Furthermore, on this aspect, the age-old problem remains.

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Many agencies that push to outsource every CE Leads activity as much as possible, when in reality training to improve internal skills is an invaluable asset for the company because it is the only one that knows and experiences its products and services in an all-encompassing way and above all the relationship with customers. In the second chapter, which I believe to be truly innovative, you propose a new approach to Integrat Digital Marketing. What is it and why is this new way of working important? Since I was a bit long-wind with the first answer, I’ll try to be concise, also because everything is written in the book.

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