What are scopes in Google Analytics and why are they important?

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What are scopes inTherefore, Google Analytics and why are they important? by Victor Therefore,Campuzano | 9 Oct 2019 | Analytics for Growth | 12 Comments Imagine you’re in the middle of a marketing meeting and your Therefore,CMO asks a question like: “Of all the sessions we’ve had this month, how many have made it past the pricingTherefore, page?” You smile and say “aha, this is cool: let’s go to Data Studio and create a report in no time ”… You start byThereforeTherefore,creating a blank report, add your data source based on Google Analytics and paint a table…Therefore,Therefore,

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You drag “Page” to the dimensions and “Sessions” to the metrics… You put a filter that only shows that pageTherefore,eah! The table is ready! You’re going industry email list to score a goal! You turn the laptop triumphantly, look at the rest of the team and show your clipboard. To make you feel hesitant, you say “6,724” and even say “eh, I’m not adding color because I don’t see it as necessary right nowTherefore,ut what happens next is not what you expected. It’s not to kill you either, don’t worry,Therefore, nobody ever asked you to be a star in digital analytics…

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 it important to understand how scopes work in Analytics? Most of us, at first, think that Google Analytics consists of installing the code (putting Analytics on the web, they say) and browsing the pre-configured CE Leads standard reports that the platform has. We don’t stop to think about how the data is collected. Not that we need it. We enter the Content report -> All pages and see metrics such as page views, unique page views or entries. We don’t see users or sessions in that section, but we don’t question why. Maybe it’s set up like this.