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Training courses or develops apps so create a title that attracts attention is interesting and promises what the reader wants. Create quality content . Make a little effort take care of the texts you write make them even richer in content by doing some online research. If you really want to understand how to increase visibility on Google reread them and honestly evaluate how useful you think what you wrote for a hypothetical reader. Share your articles on social mia . Google takes social factors into account the more users like to share a certain article the more Google considers it useful. Find out how to analyze and improve your website traffic in steps with Ahrefs Site Audit.

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Google EAT is not a ranking factor but guidelines that help increase the visibility of your content thanks to competence authority Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data and reliability Google EAT Ill tell you right away that Google EAT has nothing to do with food. Its not even an update to its dread algorithm. EAT is the acronym for Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness that is competence authoritativeness and reliability. I have already dicat an article to the importance of creating valuable content for a website. I want to return to this topic for reasons Since it is not explicitly a ranking factor you cannot find this advice in the many online guides on how to increase your sites visibility on Google.

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Search Engine Journal recently publish a free ebook on this topic. Its in English but you can always translate it with Google Translate for pdf. Ill give you China Telegram Number a short excerpt with the points to follow to achieve a high level of competence authority and reliability Tell your visitors who you are. Maintain and keep the about us page updat. Work with experts to create content. Dont have articles with catchy titles written by incompetent ghost writers. Make the purpose of your content clear. Make it clear whether your intent is to inform explain persuade or describe.