To make the pages of your site particularly attractive

To make the pages of your site particularly attractive. Finally your content must be useful offer a solution. Possibly argue it with examples from your experience. If you want to know more discover the perfect checklist for optimizing quality SEOorient content . How to structure a website by placing the customer at the center of your content. How to structure the contents of a website Alex Valencia wrote an interesting article in English that contains tips on how to structure website content to attract.

Your audiences attention and increase

Write for users optimize for Google is his philosophy. The first tip is to analyze your customers search intent . Its no longer like Turkey WhatsApp Number Data the past when to position an article on Google it was enough to repeat the chosen keyword a certain number of times. The minimum frequency of occurrences in the title in the text in the Alt of the images is still indispensable but it is not enough on its own. Do you know how while you search on Google a dropdown menu appears with suggestions of what you could search for Have you also notic that at the bottom of the results page you often find some relat searches.

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Your goal is precisely to go beyond the keyword

What different pieces of information or responses could be link to my keyword Each of us despite typing the same words into Google has Turkey Phone Number List different questions in our heads. Alexs second tip is to learn about your target audience . Do you think you know your customers nes You can also do market research using Google Forms to create surveys . They are free and simple to customize. Finally also evaluate the importance of audience behavior when they are on your site Observe the statistics on Google Analytics Insert a band containing similar articles to suggest the user delve deeper into the topic.

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