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How to get a good score for this index the advice I can give you is to use a javascript script to ensure that only when a photo becomes visible to the user is it actually download not before. Images and videos are generally the heaviest elements within a page but you can also apply this deferr loading for libraries and other content not ne immiately by the user. First Input Delay FID How many milliseconds pass before the page responds to a user interaction As soon as the user after having seen the initial content of the page after having orient himself and having decid what to do takes an action for example a click the page itself must be ready to respond.

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This index in other words measures the response time to the users first interaction. to milliseconds good to milliseconds Poland Phone Number Data nes some improvement over milliseconds poor What does this index tell us That to increase visibility on Google it is not enough to show the initial content of your page to your visitors if then the loading of other less necessary elements slows down the response time to a possible click. The page must not only quickly display the content but with the same spe it must be able to react to the interaction of its visitor.

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Wanting to give an example lets think of a photo gallery it is certainly important that the first photo appears as quickly Russia Telegram Number as possible but in the same way the user must be able to move on to the next photo without unjustifi waiting. This index therefore measures an aspect that is probably ignor by many the user is not happy just to see the initial content of the page without waiting for all the unnecessary parts to load but wants to be able to interact with the page itself straight away.