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The work environment has improved a lot in recent years and there is a greater balance, but the path has not been easy and they have even given up higher positions due to the incompatibility of work and family , as in Elena’s case. Leire Gomez Leire Gomez We also wanted to know what the leadership style that our interviewees practice is like. They all agree that it could be defined as collaborative and communicative leadership: “ It is about continually listening to the voice of your team, fostering trust and letting them make as many decisions as possible

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,” explains Laura. Finally, taking a b2b email list look at their professional careers, we asked them if they have ever had to face obstacles in their jobs because they are women and how they handled it. Although it is true that they agree that they have not had to go through many problems and have felt supported in most of their jobs, the solution they found when they did have to face it was being true to themselves. “ At a time when I was looking for work, they used to ask me a lot

b2b email list

Equalizing Maternity and Paternity Leave

About motherhood. It was quite frustrating to see how CE Leads you prepared  yourself professionally and accumulated experience so that only age and sex were taken into account ,” says Leire. For her part, Laura indicates that on some occasions she has been in situations where the male sector expressed surprise when sitting with an area director, being a woman and even more so with a young profile. “ I have dismantled possible initial prejudices by being myself, demonstrating my.