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The page as expected Will increase the number of search results including the job title in your search. Now that you know the basic of linkedin profiles search through. Google lets get to the next level with boolean search. Use Boolean Search on Google To Find Linkedin Profiles. Yes you can use boolean search on Google to look for linkedin profile. Here is how it works boolean search is really simple programmatic. Language that work with a combination of logical connectors and punctuation.

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OR look for at least one keyword Audit Directors Auditors Email List in a list NOT exclude keywords Quotes look for an exact expression of several words Parentheses combine several boolean operators Here is a video explaining how boolean search works on sales navigator. Its exactly the same technique for Google LinkedIn Sales Navigator Boolean Search Tutorial 2023 Create Qualified Lead Lists FAST Export Sales Navigator leads for free Lets take a concrete example here. We are going to look for Head of Sales and Head of Marketing in the Software industry.

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Can do this with boolean search Head Argentina Phone Number of Sales OR Head of Marketing AND Software Head AND Sales OR Marketing AND Software Lets apply this to Google search. use boolean search on google to search linkedin profiles You can see that in the search results I have 3 types of job titles as expected Head of Sales Head of Marketing Head of Marketing and Sales If I open the first profile I can see that the keyword software does appear on boolean search google linkedin profile You can even combine Google and boolean operator like this sitelinkedin comin intitle Head AND Sales OR Marketing software OR Saas This will for Head of Sales or.