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That offers a lot The main goal of the tool is to automate. Linkedin messages and connection requests sending but you can also export linkedin searches with it. Lagrowthmachine linkedin scraping tool Type DesktopBased Works on Linkedin Sales Navigator. Features Automate followups Send linkedin messages. Send connection request Send emails Send Linkedin voice messages Shared inbox Email enrichment is included CRM integrations . AI messages Pricing Free trial month Basic month Pro month Ultimate month lagrowthmachine pricing.

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GetProspect GetProspect is a lead Payroll Directors Email List generation tool that offers a. Chrome extension for extracting emails and profiles from. LinkedIn in bulk. With a large BB contacts it enables users to quickly collect a substantial base of business email addresses freeing up time for crafting compelling outreach content. getprospect Type CloudBased Works on Linkedin Sales Navigator Features Linkedin scraping Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraping Email Finder Email Verifier Google Sheet Integration Pricing emails month emails month emails month emails month getprospect credit.

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Connect automations together Venezuela Phone Number build powerful workflows grab the data or generate leads in minutes. texau linkedin scraping tool Like Phantombuster they are a generalist scraping platform but they have a lot of linkedin automations and scraping features. Type CloudBased Works on Linkedin Sales Navigator Features Export search and lists Export group members Export event attendees Export posts commenters and likers Pricing Starter month Growth month Agency month texau pricing . Captain Data Captain Data is a nocode platform that extracts aggregates and integrates data. It allows sales and ops teams to create automated workflows and save time. captain data linkedin scraping tool They are a generalist automation platform of different scrapers including some for Linkedin captain data scraping linkedin Type CloudBased Works on Linkedin Sales Navigator Recruiter Features.