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Results extraction linkedin What about next part is about. How to Extract my Google Search Results If you are reading this article maybe. You are a marketer or salesperson look to use these linkedin profiles to generate leads. In that case getting the URLs into a CSV is a mandatory step to. Add them into your CRM or your cold outreach tool. To do this where are going to use Scaleserp. After you create your account the first step is to copypaste the URL of your Google search in the URL field.

Etract linkedin profiles Results extraction linkedin

From google search results Then Spain Phone Numbers List define the number of pages you want to extract along with the number of results per page extract linkedin profiles google serp The number of search results per page depends on what you have chose in your Google settings. To change it you can go to Settings Search Settings change number of search results per page google Then change the number of search results per page click on Save and youre done display more linkedin profiles on google search Back to Scaleserp next thing you need to do is to define the output.

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A CSV so you can select the CSV option Spain Whatsapp Number in the dropdown. download google search results csv Once the results are ready you can download them by clicking on the download account in the top right. download linkedin profiles csv google You will get a clean CSV will the title of the search results and the linkedin URLs. google search profiles Youre done You can now upload this file into your CRM Software or to start email or linkedin outreach. Regarding the limitation there is no limitation on Google scraping. It all depends on the tool you are using. If you want to scale Linkedin profiles.