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 And remember to ALWAYS have a white background and black/dark text. Easy to navigate – so remember the menu at the top and a simple sidebar. If the reader has to search for old posts on the blog, he will probably leave the game.. Don’t make it too difficult. Add the required pages Even though it is a blog,few pages in addition to the blog. These are: Start here and/or Information On the Start here page, you should write information that helps the reader understand the topic of the blog. It is the first contact with you and your blog.

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 What do you want the reader to know? What information is useful for the reader? Why should the reader stay reading your blog? On latest database the About page, you can write more about yourself and the story of your blog. What made you start blogging? What kind of content do you write and why should you be listened to? Take contact How can I contact you?  form. If there is no way to contact you on the blog, readers will assume the blog is a scam site and leave. The Contact page is also necessary in terms of search engine visibility.

The least you can put is a contact

 Google values ​​real and reliable pages higher. Registration statement, information about cookies and data protection Even if you don’t collect an e-mail list, I strongly recommend writing a simplified registry statement for the site, information about cookies and data protection. If only because it builds trust. And IF you collect an email list, you MUST HAVE a Registry Statement and Privacy Policy. More on the topic: TOP 10 posts about the GDPR data protection regulation Information about affiliate marketing about affiliate marketing. At the CE Leads bottom of this page you will find information about affiliate marketing of this blog, but also at the bottom of every post where I recommend an affiliate product.