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Professions that are almost takes it for grant that it must necessarily respond to any ne and requirement. We forget however that an artificial intelligence is defin as such precisely because it was built by man on the basis of certain parameters to carry out specific but still limit tasks. The chatbot cannot be a substitute for a human but only an excellent tool for giving quick answers and preestablish information. Unfortunately the expectations that those who interact.

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Of having a terrible disappointment when interacting with it. Have you ever had an argument with Toby from Vodafone because he wasnt able Cambodia Telegram Number Data to solve your problem You will surely have felt frustrat and dissatisfi when conversing with this virtual assistant who was not always able to answer your questions. This happen because similarly to what happens with chatbots you did not take into consideration that Toby was creat to answer certain and specific questions a sort of evolution of the wellknown FAQ. This service is able to interpret the customers nes only up to a certain point as it has not been develop to absolutely become a substitute for a telephone operator.

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How to disguise his lack of intelligence

The customer who does not find satisfaction in the chatbot usually goes into a rage. He does not understand that his Cambodia Phone Number List usefulness is simply to provide answers to the questions that have proven to be the most common that the customers of that specific service or product ask. Its purpose is to spe up the delivery of information and responses when the company or company personnel are not operational. Fortunately on the other hand there is also a large segment of users who really appreciate the chatbot service. She even finds it invaluable for keeping up to date on the news.

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