Panic button will alert via smartphone when traveling in high-risk areas

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Buenos Aires, among others a security alert will immediately sound on your mobile device notifying you of this situation. In fact, it will inform you about the crimes that characterize this district. This is what the Industrial Security company intends with , its free application that monitors the user in real time through geolocation. So that at any time they can press the panic button in an emergency. Whether medical or security. Of this company, as well as to the contacts or relatives of the affected person, to immediately receive the necessary help. Which cost two million pesos and a year of development, Daniel García González, general director of GSMI. Tells Forbes Mexico, not only has an almost real response time, but also allows us to know the exact location of the user. when activating it. “When we enter high-risk areas the app will send us an alert.

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Another novelty offered by this technological system is a crime map that works not only at the local level but throughout the country where it USA Phone Number List details the user of this application from which are the most dangerous regions to the types of crimes, its frequency. “For example, if the user of the application is in a state of the Republic where the records we have show that it is a high-risk area, alerts and notices are automatically  where we detail which crimes are  the most, the type of crimes According to the consulting firm Verisk , Mexico is the third country where there is the highest probability of suffering a violent crime, due to the presence of drug cartels and the weakness of its institutions. When downloading the user will have to register and register their contacts.

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When questioning the manager about the way in which this application will be maintained as a business, he mentions that within it there is a space for companies or corporations that want more specific protection such as private security. Personalized or vehicle monitoring, these You can contact them to define this service. According to the Australia Phone Number List National Citizen Observatory, in September of this year there were 128 kidnappings in Mexico, two more than in August. In the same period, the files opened in the crime of extortion were 428, 58 less than in August. Robbery with violence reached  cases in the country in the ninth month of the year  more than in August. In September vehicle thefts were recorded more than in August, among other crimes.