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On the surface real estate agencies the bot can take care of asking interlocutors some questions about the property they wish to sell or buy. If well programm it is also able to suggest some of your properties for sale bas on the requests receiv from the user. Loan calculator who better than a robot can do calculations Ben also recommends using it as a basis for lead generation . For example in exchange for the users email they could send an ebook.

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Of advice for those looking for a loan. Coaching the bot may be able to provide nutrition advice or suggest physical exercises bas on Oman Telegram Number Data the interlocutors requests. If your user wants to have more information you can have the bot ask for his contacts and intervene in person. Political propaganda one of the most effective ways to gain support before elections is to appear close to your voters. A bot may be able to provide answers about the program and more importantly listen to the audiences nes. Investment consultancy also in this case the bot must limit itself to the function of users contact information.

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Home services even in this field there are many questions you receive daily and the information you ne to intervene. The bot could  take UAE Phone Number List care of all this first face. Appointments Connect your appointment calendar to the chatbot and let it set them for you. An example of a strategy that works chatbot for chatbot for by is a home delivery subscription service of boxes containing fresh ingrients and simple recipes to transform them into delicious meals. Help people enjoy healthy homemade food.

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