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It scans the text youve written and gives you helpful tips to improve its readability. Check the use of transition words that make the text flow more smoothly and your reasoning easier to follow. Indicate how difficult it is to read the content through the Flesch score. It suggests how to connect relat content through internal links automatically. Feature present in the Premium version. If thats not enough for you there are also courses and other tools to keep your blog at the top of Google You can attend the Yoast Academy and take basic and advanc courses.

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It suggests highperforming keywords that will help you rank your content high on Google. Furthermore relat keywords will give you new ideas to Oman WhatsApp Number Data exploit to improve and enrich your content. All this thanks to the integration with. Feature present in the Premium version . Fixes duplicate content issues. Thanks to canonical URLs it tells Google which pages contain original content and should be shown in search results. It allows you to instantly mark your links as nofollow or sponsor as you write. And for the more technical It helps you create useful robots.

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Text and htaccess rules to control the crawling

Of your content by search engines. If you ne assistance you can count on their support team active days a week hours a day Feature present in UK Telegram Number the Premium version. It allows you to write in complete freom without having to repeat your keywords in an unnatural way within your text. It is perfectly capable of recognizing singulars plurals and synonyms . Finally a gem that everyone will like. You have the possibility in preview to check how your article will appear graphically in Google results search snippet.

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