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Businesses can view and analyze user behavior on their online applications using LogRocket, a product analytics tool.

The platform provides several tools that help companies learn more about user behavior, such as session replay, which allows companies to see how users interact with the applications have, and error detection, which allows companies to find and correct application errors.

The platform records user behavior such as clicks and scrolling as well as user information such as location and device details and then compiles this information into clear reports.


 that are hindering customers and then decide how to improve the customer experience based on statistics.

In addition, LogRocket has multiple interfaces with other applications and platforms, such as Google Analytics and Intercom, making it simple for businesses to connect their data across multiple platforms.

To ensure the security of sensitive user data and to ensure compliance with data privacy legislation such as the GDPR and CCPA, the platform offers features such as masking and rewriting.

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The cloud-based product analytics platform Indicative helps companies understand and improve consumer behavior across their online outbound calling laws and mobile applications.

The platform provides a number of tools that allow companies to learn more about how customers interact with their products, such as customer segmentation, funnel analysis, and real-time analysis -time.

ledge, Indicative has the ability to perform complex analyses.

Non-technical users can create custom reports and dashboards using the platform’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Its unique multi-funnel technology helps identify breakpoints across different customer segments for retention as well as predicting which customers are essential for acquisition.

The software tracks the entire customer journey, including custom paths, mapping to understand customer behavior, building funnels for customer movement in products, understanding customer break points fails, and many other indicators that help improve products and build customer satisfaction.

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In conclusion, while choosing the best product analytics solution, it is essential to take into account variables such as cost, customization, data visualization, and ease of use.

Each device is unique and has unique features.

Since there is no single tool that can handle all the responsibilities, it is essential to know the exact requirements of the business or product and its goals before choosing the software. optimal product analysis.

One of the most well-known residential proxies in the industry is Oxylabs. The business provides data center, mobile, residential and scraper APIs.

It is one of the leading providers of proxy services for advertising verification, sales intelligence, brand protection, and market research. With more than 70 million IP addresses available worldwide, it is a well-known provider of residential proxy services.

You can use the filter based on region to find the best proxies for your project. You can access residential IP addresses from around the world with a large proxy pool, making it easy to overcome geo-blocks.

In addition, there are no session limits, which allows you to increase your web crawling duties as needed. You have the option to lease access to shared or dedicated IPs with Oxylabs.

Residential proxies that are static and non-spinning are additional possi CE Leads bilities to the common switching IPs. These IPs are leased by Oxylabs directly from ISPs around the world.

Standard rotating IP addresses do not support the SOCKS5 protocol, only static IP addresses do. Rotating IPs have the advantage of changing after each request, which reduces the likelihood of your IPs being blacklisted.