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Make regional  Automatic calls robots Targete social meia advertising Facebook Ads. MyTarget Advertising VKontakte Returning Leads Retargeting Yandex Direct Google Ads Remarketing Blue Ocean bonus. In addition to conclusions. The dynamics of the development of advertising channels. In recent years, Russian Internet advertising has been noticeably ahead of other areas. This was especially evident in , when all segments sank due to the lockdown. The global advertising market fell by an average of . %, while in Internet advertising channels, on the contrary, there was a positive trend. Data from ACAR experts on the dynamics of the Russian advertising market for Segment. The volume of the budget in billion rubles. Dynamics compare to Radio.

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The most dynamic, and this is fully consistent with the development of the world market, remains the Internet, which today accounts for virtually half of the entire Russian advertising market.  Sergey Veselov, Vice President of RACAR. Co-Chairman of the RACAR Expert Committee, Co-Chairman photo editor of the Committee for Research, Audit and Advertising Technologies, Marketing Research Director of the NSC Analytical Center. List of main marketing channels Marketing offers hundres of tools to achieve the desire result. We invite you to get acquainte with the most effective promotion channels in relation to micro-business and small business. At least the first five of them must be use to ensure a stable influx of buyers.

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Active sales Yandex. Direct SEO promotion Yandex. Business Affiliate network Active sales Advertising channel. Active sales Advertising channel Active sales is when a sales manager. Independently searches for customers, identifies a nee and presents a product goods or service. The main principle of advertising is targeting, that is, it must be shown to potential buyers. In this regard, thematic events are, although old, but still one of the stable promotion channels CE Leads in marketing. Use every opportunity to take part in events held in your field: business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, trainings, seminars, concerts or fairs. Or organize a small Event yourself for potential clients.