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October 9, 2023 By 4in27 0

we discovered that the process of preparing the request is merged with the process of sending the request. We wondered, what would happen if these two processes were separated? Must try. This is your chance to write Golang code. So we started coding, even though it was awkward. Understandably, this is a language we rarely use. We always have to read the documentation and find out the syntax in Golang for performing certain tasks. However, the real fascination of this learning process came when we had to explore the topic of value semantics and semantic pointers in Golang. 

This is one of those themes

that we really appreciate how the creators of Golang designed it. when things don’t go as planned This learning process doesn’t have to be long. The changes we wanted to make were successfully completed in less than a day. The program runs smoothly. But did we whatsapp database successfully simulate a race condition with the above program? No. It turns out that simulating race conditions is simpler and more efficient using a bash script that only contains 5 lines. Feeling lost? Obviously not. This is the purpose of learning. Things we tinker with now may not necessarily be used. Always be open to this option. When learning this model, don’t forget to set a time limit. 

This will allow us to stay

Focused and prioritize what we want to learn. Learn by understanding how technology works We’ve long been curious about how the Internet works. How about when we enter an address, after a few minutes we can read the content of the requested website? Let’s begin our CE Leads more than 6-month adventure in the online world. For about 8 hours per week, we spent time learning about topics such as TCP/IP, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, what a TLS certificate is, how browsers verify TLS certificates when opening HTTPS pages, and more. Along the way, we are also eager to apply what we learn.