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As the linkdin profile They also ned to be extracte in realtime and not be coming from databases. If you prospect EU citizens using personal emails you. Expose your business to a fine that can go up to of your annual global turnover. get personal emails on linkdin sales navigator. Plus your prospect wont appreciate. That you usd their personal email addresses for business prospecting. Outdatd Emails The email added in. The contact details section are often given when you create your linkedin profile.

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Email on sales navigator gets older there Malaysia Email List are. More chances that the email provide is outdate or not from the right company real email address on linkedin sales navigator0. On this example when it can see the real email. Address is given in the about section and its different from the ones given in the contact details. Unverifie Emails Linkedin Sales Navigator does not verify emails. All the data is addd manually by it users. That exposes the data to a lot of outdate data errors typos etc. It means that finding an email on Linkdin Sales Navigator is not the guarantee to have the right emails.

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Sales navigator If you shoot Linkedin Malaysia Phone Number emails without verifying them first you expose yourself to getting bounced emails. That may affect the reputation of your email domain in the long run. Better be careful and always verify the emails found with tools like Zerobounce or Neverbounce which will tell you if the emails really exist. The Best Technique To Get Emails From Linkedin Sales Navigator You have just seen that sales navigator email extraction has a lot of limitations. If you just extract emails from Linkedin Sales Navigator you wont go far. That is why its better to use a sales.