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I made a video  Linkedin URL First name Last name Job. Degree of connection Reaction type With this technique you can get pos. l How To Export Linkedin Post Commenters To export your linkedin post comments Copy the URL of your linkedin post. Paste it into a linkedin scraping tool Download the results in CSV file You can follow exactly. The same process described in part one for post likers. The only difference is that you are going to use the LinkedIn Post Commenters.

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Texau export linkedin post commenters Malta Mobile Number List Can. You Export Linkedin Post Views It is not possible to export LinkedIn post views. While LinkedIn provides metrics on the number of views likes and comments a post receives this data is only available within the platforms analytics dashboard. can you export linkedin post views Users can view this information for individual posts or their overall profile but there is no option to download or export the data. to LinkedIns data privacy policies as well as their desire to keep users within their platform.

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Post Analytics It is not possible Malta WhatsApp Number to export LinkedIn post analytics. While the platform provides detailed metrics on post performance such as impressions engagement and demographics there is no option to export this data for further analysis. can you export linkedin post analytics LinkedIn only allows users to view their analytics within the platform limiting the ability to manipulate or compare data outside the platform. If you want data on how your linkedin post perform you can use a tool like Taplio. This tool allows getting detailed analytics on your Linkedin post performances taplio linkedin analytics If you want to learn more and how to use this tool to become a linkedin influencer. l on this topic How To Grow Your Linkedin Followers.

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