How can you promote your services and intercept

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How can you promote a search engine for your photos. A peculiarity that you will hardly find on other professional websites. Is the special search engine for your photos publish on Instagram. Thanks to this service visitors to your website will be able to search for a topic of their choice and see all your relat photos among the search results. A truly original way to admire your shots and not be forc to browse through your photos one after the other in search of that desir detail. To protect the photos on their website Easy Watermark.

How to achieve maximum security for photos

Within a website for photographers protect website images for photographers A very important component that Greece Telegram Number Data must not be overlook when creating a website for photographers is the security and protection of the photos within it. I advise you to pay attention to aspects Post photos in a low resolution suitable for the website . Block the use of the right mouse button . This will make saving your photos more complicat. Apply a watermark to each photo in your gallery. If you are interest in learning more about this topic I will now list some of the best WordPress plugins for photographers.

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This plugin can automatically add a watermark

To photographs as soon as they are upload to your mia library. It also allows you to manually add watermark to existing images Italy WhatsApp Number List all at once or on a single image. The watermark can be an image text or both. WP Content Copy Protection No Right Click. This plugin protects the images on your website and prevents them from being copi without your permission. Disables rightclick context menu and keys. Disable Right Click For This plugin is us to disable rightclicking to avoid cutting copying pasting and saving images. It also disables viewing the page source and inspecting an element including the key.