Having a website without ensuring that it ranks among

Having a website without ensuring that it ranks. In fact from his direct experience his most popular articles are those to which he has dicat a lot of time and which inevitably are very long. The reason is clear these articles get the highest positions on Google due to being the most indepth online sources on their specific topic. We talk about it in the past in another article on this blog dicat to advice on how to do link building and in particular on how to outperform your competitors articles with the skyscraper technique.

Keep updating your best content

We have already said it but it is important to repeat it. Henrik berg himself explains to us to keep traffic to your blog articles high dont just publish them Spain WhatsApp Number Data and dont make the mistake of forgetting about them. Continue to update your content periodically. This article for example was written for the first time in September and in recent years up to now it has had revisions. Promote your blog using the best channels We conclude the list of tips to keep in mind for creating a successful blog with one of the suggestions includ by Ryan Robinson in one of his articles in English.

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Here are the channels you can use to bring traffic

To your Social networks in particular search for vertical Facebook groups on your topic but at the same time sufficiently numerous and create Spain Phone Number List your own network. Guest blogging I recommend you take a look at our indepth article Guest blogging is one of the most common techniques for free link building but be careful how you do it. Newsletter if you want to know which is the best traffic channel to use to increase the traffic of your website you can delve deeper into the topic by reading the post in which we answer this question.

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