Have more opt-in points on your website

October 11, 2023 By 4in27 0

And the steps you can take to drive even more traffic. 1. 1. Optimize share buttons are you driving tons of page views from facebook. Pinterest or twitter? Then it’s time to give your audience the tools they ne to share even more content on these channels and increase your referral traffic. You can do this easily with our new share buttons designer tool . Simply choose your social channels. Customize your design . And install the buttons on your site. Maybe you want to use inline buttons. Like 70% of our itors do. Or maybe you want to include a call to action.

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Like 60% of our publishers do. With this visual Country Email List design tool. You do it in just a few clicks. Now. When someone reads your content. They won’t have to think twice about sharing it with their friends. And you can reap the reward with increas traffic. Get share buttons 2. 2. Test your copy don’t just post any social post and hope people continue to click on your site. You want to share the most engaging content possible on your best-performing channels. Luckily. You can find out exactly what readers want by a/b testing your copy and images.

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Let’s say facebook is one of your biggest sources of traffic. You can use our social a/b tool to start testing in minutes. Simply choose an article and insert some variations for the headline. Image. Caption or introductory copy. Maybe you want to see   CE Leads  if readers respond better to a question or statement. You can run your a/b test like this: we will then divide the changes among your target audience by age: half will see the first post and the other half will see the second. Once we have a winner. You can publish your most engaging post right away.