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From our perspective. Show the ratio of work in different social networks. networks for each bank . Banks without social data. networks can be kick out of the rankings First sketches On the left you can compare banks by economic indicators , on the right by indicators in social networks. networks , and it is also convenient to compare different indicators of one bank. Victor The numbers are small , it s difficult to compare , but overall the picture is good. It turn out to be an upside down Christmas tree. You can place additional graphs below to saturate with information.

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Denis By the way , yes. We have collect a lot of numbers photo editing servies why unify them all and forget about them. There are as many numbers as there are graphs , and at the end there is a grand total. Victor There should be a main comparison and additional ones. Finalization Additional schools lead the process to a dead end. Denis These are signs , not infographics. Maybe we ell figure out the design first and ideas will appear? Victor I like the style. But everything nest to be laid out again . The illustrations in the data zone complicate everything.

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We ne to clean them up.  According to the Schule deposits and loans CE Leads compete , but should be one. Can be dived into sections like subscribers. . Deal with blocks with a repeating design . Throw out the dies . Think about the title of the main graph . According to the illustrations there is an IT topic , but you forgot about banking. Denis No , few numbers are display , let s divide it into floors turnover , separate floors for each social network and summing up. Let’s try. Now everything is too complicat , let’s go back to the first option. We understand the indicators in social mia networks.