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Ensures accuracy in email Sheets to scrape LinkedIn profiles enriching data with emails and other details in seconds. derrick lyne alternative Derrick offers an intuitive workflow seamlessly importing and enriching data from LinkedIn to Google Sheets. Features LinkedIn Integration Imports and enriches data from LinkedIn profiles. Google Sheets Compatibility Direct integration for data management. Data Enrichment Finds emails and other details from LinkedIn.

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Basic features with data enrichments Kuwait Email List per month. Paid Plans Include additional features and higher data enrichments. derrick pricing Texau TexAu is an automation platform that provides tools for social media and web automation helping businesses scale their operations. texau getprospect alternative It features a nocode interface making it accessible for users without technical skills. Features Social Media Automation For platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. NoCode Tools Simplifies automation processes. Data Extraction Extracts useful data for marketing and sales. Pricing Cloud Starter month for basic features. Cloud Growth month for advanced features. Cloud Agency month for comprehensive tools texau pricing.

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Lix Lix is a tool for extracting LinkedIn Kuwait Phone Number profile data offering a range of features to help users gather and manage contact information efficiently. lix texau alternatives for linkedin It emphasizes validated email extraction providing accuracy and effectiveness in lead generation. Features LinkedIn Data Extraction For profiles and contact information. Validated Emails extraction. Credit Rollover Monthly credits rollover and expire after a year. API Access For programmatically accessing profile data. Pricing Starter month credits. Leads Plan Custom pricing email credits vary. Data Plus Plan Custom pricing tailored for data mining. lix pricing See Lix Alternatives Captain Data Captain Data is a data automation platform offering a nocode solution for sales marketing and operations. captain data texau alternatives for linkedin.

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