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October 11, 2023 By 4in27 0

Many publishers have start squeezing more. Money and traffic out of their archiv stories by. Using smart search engines and social mia platforms. To retool old content. Content – whether it’s an evergreen. Piece or a great investigative report – not only drives traffic. But can also help a publication grow its social audience . Digiday recently report Encourage further that at legacy publishers. Like the atlantic. Older content generates nearly a quarter of their traffic. It’s not just about improving the numbers.

Review the analytics for trending words

But also about growing the audience for past Europe Email List content and establishing a publisher’s authority on a topic. With the right tools and smart ways to repackage social content. Making older content new again should be easy and rewarding. Below are three tips to help you make the best use of your old content. 1. 1. Review the analytics for trending words or phrases because news is often cyclical. Journalists usually reference older figures and events in more recent stories to piece together a larger narrative that helps readers understand the underlying story. For example.

The new yorker has min its archives

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President trump has clearly been a hot topic over the past year. And many are curious about the whereabouts of his life as a businessman and his family. Reports of president trump’s past business dealings generate interest and a significant   CE Leads  increase in traffic. The new yorker has min its archives for the trending topic. And has notably publish a report on the president several times in the past year. As shown below. The publication has come out with different images each time to draw attention and demonstrate that it is not simply recycling an old story.