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Emails next to  Export your search with Evaboot Once you are happy with your search results you can export them into a CSV file. export linkedin connections from linkedin sales navigator For that you can install the Evaboot Chrome Extension. Its a Linkedin automation tool that will make your lead generation process work way easier. You can also use it if you are a recruiter using Sales Navigator. Once you do that you will get a new button Export with Evaboot on your Sales Navigator page.

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From Linkedin Sales Navigator To Chile Mobile Number List Excel Export Lists From Sales Navigator Export Sales Navigator leads for free Simply click on it to open Evaboot and export your linkedin connections. . Download your CSV Once your export is ready you will receive an email. download linkedin contact from sales navigator Go back to the Evaboot platform to download your file. In this you will find for every lead Linkedin Profile URL Job title Job description Company Website Company LinkedIn URL First name Last name Lead Location Company Location Company Industry.

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Employees in the company Years Chile WhatsApp Number in position Number of connection Company Type Company creation date Company description Company Specialities Keywords describing what the company is doing If the profile is open or not Profile Picture Company Logo Much more information than with the classic Linkedin export. . Find the emails of your contacts If you want to get emails from your sales navigator export you just need to click on Find of your export. find emails linkedin contacts You can export leads per day with Evaboot and enrich an unlimited amount of leads with emails. So if your goal is to get pro emails you will go much faster with Linkedin Sales Navigator.