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Hillstone Networks has grown from a strong network firewall company to a infrastructure protection platform.

Hillstone helps businesses address all of these issues by providing solutions that provide the visibility and know quickly see, understand and respond to threats today’s multiface, multilevel cyber.

It provides protection at a cheaper total cost of ownership from the to the cloud. Hillstone’s comprehensive product portfolio includes NGFW, NDR/XDR, SD-WAN, and ZTNA, as well as virtual machine and multi-cloud security, and has a reputation for “security that works.”

With its wide range of. Capabilities, wit.Ai can be used. To automate wearable technology as well. As build speech interfaces for mobile applications and home. Electronics as well as chatbots.

The free chatbot development platform includes sdks. For python and ruby, Deep Instinct Deep Instinct among others, and is. Currently owned by facebook.

It can also be used for. Commercial purposes. Developers can customize the goals and units, and the http api enables connecting. To chatbots from other apps.

If you want to install your bot. On facebook messenger, wit.Ai is a suitable choice because. It is owned by facebook. Using wit.Ai chatbots on messenger is made. Simple by facebook.

In addition, it supports several popular chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram.

Hillstone’s innovative solutions leverage AI/ML and seamlessly integrate frameworks, giving CISOs peace of mind that their businesses are well prote


The SlashNext Approach to Multi-Channel Messaging Security

A-LIGN is a technology-b cybersecurity and compliance organization focusd on helping businesses manage their security ns and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

Using a consultative approach, the organization works with each customer to eucate reviews and build solutions. It is a new approach in an industry where a wide range of products are available individually.

A-LIGN is one of the few globally recogni bersecurity and privacy solution Deep Instinct Deep Instinct providers that offers a single-vendor strategy for corporations, and can work with small and meompanies and the largest global enterprises. much.

As companies become more concer about the regulatory fines that come with non-c

Rasa is an on-premises platform with a custom, fully open source NLU engine. They developed Rasa X, a set of tools for conversation analysis and support development.

Every chatbot platform requires a certain amount of training data, but Rasa works best when given a substantial training database, usually in the form of customer service chat logs.

Before being sent to the NLU engine, these customer support conversations are analyzed, classified and processed. When building a contextual assistant using the Rasa open source platform, Rasa is the best free chatbot to hire.

ompliance, A-LIGN has been able to support and provide them with a place to negotiate the complexities of regulatory and business security.

SlashNext and Microsoft for Complete Email Security

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McAfee has been making cybersecurity software since 1987, making it one of the most well-known cybersecurity companies on the market.

The security software company. In santa clara, california, also works with govern ce leads ments. Around the world, according to mcafee global threat intelligence to protec. Businesses, governments and consumers one. Step at a time. The beginning of hackers.

Endpoint and mobile security products. From mcafee protect end-user devices CE Leads from attacks, while. Network security products and services protect physical. Servers, databases and data centers.

McAfee offers residential users security software to secure their mobile and desktop devices.

Red Sift’s Open Cloud data analytics technology is designed to help businesses protect against costly intrusions. It uses AI to calculate and analyze data from  of different signals to improve cybersecurity.

The company’s first product, OnDMARC, is a SaaS platform for domain-basd message authentication, reporting, and compliance management. The email authentication protocol helps avoid phishing attacks and ensures that genuine messages are delivered.

Sift works exclusively with Microsoft Outlook and supports its 360º email security as a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. As a result of the partnership, customers using Office 365 on an open cloud platform would have complete protection.

It is now a leading actor in the protection of business networks and customers both online and when to physical networks.