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Because prospecting using However in addition to being timeconsuming they have a lot of limitations. Limits Of Searching For Emails Manually on Sales Navigator. The limits to look for emails manually on Sales Navigator Low Discovery Rate. The Necessity to Be Connected A Majority of Personal Emails Outdated Emails Unverified Emails . Low Discovery Rate Few people make the choice to share their contact information publicly.

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On K Sales Navigator profiles we Taiwan Email List are able to confirm that only of share their emails with their st degree connection. st degree connection emails sales navigator So if you take Linkedin as your unique source to find emails you will only find them for a third of your lead list. . The Necessity to Be Connected The discovery rate is pretty low for st degree connections but its much worse nd and rd degree connections. nd rd degree connection emails sales navigator Regarding people you are not connected with on Linkedin the discovery rate is for email and  for phone numbers.

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Connectd on Linkedin is Taiwan Phone Number almost  mandatory to optimize your chances to get the email of your prospect. Your ability to find emails on Linkedin is therefore heavily connected to the number of connection of your linkedin account. You obviously dont want to send a connection request every time you want someones email right . A Majority Of Personal Emails Most of the emails you will find on Linkedin Sales Navigator wont be professional emails. They will be personal emails Gmail Yahoo etc professional vs personal emails sales navigator That can be a big problem. personal email addresses is not GDPRcompliant. They also need to be extracted in realtime and not be coming from databases. If you prospect EU citizens using personal emails.

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