How to automate WhatsApp in company sales

October 10, 2023 By 4in27 0

All medium and large companies receive numerous requests from their prospects through WhatsApp. Dealing with a large flow of messages can take up. A lot of time for the sales team and affect the overall service level. That is why automating messages will be of great help to respond to certain. Requests automatically through a programmed bot. By using a multi-agent system for WhatsApp, like Impulsa Sac you can create default responses. To new requests In this way the bot will respond to the client according.  To your needs and message flow. The bot can also refer the conversation to one or more sales agents so that they can take it back.

For this you must locate the Select Users 

You can connect Impulsa Sac with the WhatsApp account associated with your business number; From there you can access and manage incoming messages from numerous devices simultaneously. To automate WhatsApp for your executive email list company’s sales, you simply have to tap on the three dots that appear in the upper left part of the screen. There you can modify the type of message assignment, in which you can manually or randomly assign agents. Likewise use the bot. Select Impulsa Bot and a new box will open where you can begin configuring the system’s automated responses. You can create a greeting which will be sent to the contact when they write to you, and in turn you.

Automating WhatsApp responses

can create other responses based on your needs. If a client is interested in your services and you want to transfer them to a sales agent, you can entrust this work to Impulsa Bot. For this you must locate the Select Users option within the CE Leads chatbot configuration. There you will choose the automated message from the bot, the keyword to derive the conversation and finally select the agent who will resume said conversation. Once you have done this you will only have to save the changes and the conversations will be sent to the chosen agent. As you can see, using Impulsa Sac to boost your sales force is very practical, simple and fast. Below, we leave you a brief tutorial that teaches you how to use this powerful software to automate WhatsApp in company sales.