Almost half of the Mexican women who report sexual

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Minerva had always been a Almost half of quiet young woman. She spent her childhood in a town in the interior. Of but when she finished high school she and her mother moved to . The capital of the state of hidalgo six hours from her home. So she could study nursing at school. The first weekend of last , the 17-year-old girl was raped in. The street by a former classmate of her brother. The girl became pregnant and tried to commit suicide. Minerva had gone to help at her mother’s store and. Her mother asked her to come get. Change shortly after six in the afternoon. “it took a little more than 20 minutes. Until he returned, I was surprised, but I thought he. Would have gone somewhere further away to change. The ticket,” says his mother, 39, in a restaurant located. A few blocks from the business, in the city center.

Laws that protect women

The executive commission for attention to victims. Establishes that every year sexual crimes are committed in. The country about EL Salvador Phone Number List complaints a day. In this country of 122 million inhabitants. In 9 out of 10 cases the victim is a woman . According to data from the rights. Booklet for victims of child sexual violence, 4 out of. Every 10 victims are under 15 years old. That is, girls suffer a sexual crime every year in . Half of the attacks are committed at home. And in 60of cases the perpetrator is a family. Member or someone known. People silence deepened in the following weeks. She stopped eating and lost more than 10 kilos. “she weighed just over 40. One day she couldn’t take it anymore. And she came to look for me at the store to tell me what. Had happened,” explains her mother in . He was not able to tell her lawyer.

Although she was able

Instead of speaking, she described the assault in her notebook. How the young man, about 24 years old, approached her to tell her Latvia Phone Number List EL that he wanted to talk to her. When refused, he grabbed her arm tightly. And dragged her to an alley where he pulled down her pants and .Entered her while she resisted and cried for her. Figures sexual crimes against women per year. .Victims are girls under 15 years of age. 1,640 complaints every day. 70,630 rape complaints in 7.5 years. With the help of a civil organization, the raped young woman requested access to legal termination of pregnancy before the local ministry of health.